Created by Andrea Nutt Falce     copyright 2016

Andrea Nutt Falce was born in 1981.  She began formal artistic training at age fourteen studying figure drawing at the University of the Arts, Philadelphia.  She earned a Bachelor's degree in Fine Art with a minor in Art History from The George Washington University at age nineteen.  Andrea is the recipient of a Presidential Art Scholarship Award. She graduated Summa Cum Laude with membership in the Golden Key and Phi Beta Kappa International Honor Societies.


Upon completion of studies in Washinton, D.C., Andrea moved to Florence, Italy to continue her training.  There, she lived and worked dedicating herself to the strict discipline of classical realism for nearly four years. Andrea earned an Atelier Certificate in Drawing and Painting from the Florence Acadmey of Art. She also contributed to the Florence Academy as a drawing instructor.


In 2005, Andrea returned to the United States to open a private painting studio.  Since that time, the artist has lived and worked in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Puerto Rico, the Great Lakes Area, the Gulf and First Coasts.  She taught at Brenau University and exhibited in notable galleries between the US and Europe. 

Her work has been featured in newspapers, magazines and books.  


The artist currently resides with her husband and their four young children near Pensacola, Florida.  She paints by private commission and has authored a collection of children's stories.  Painting, writing, mothering and serving keep her well occupied.


Andrea is inspired in landscape, portrait, figurative, sacred art and writing. She is devoted to her craft with a passion for the truth and deep desire for goodness, believing true beauty is a living gift that possesses 

the power to uplift us!